Outdoor Restaurant Arms Customers With Squirt Guns To Fight Off Hungry Seagulls

This sounds like a fun place to eat.

Beautiful seaside view, good food and the chance to defend your dinner from flocks of predatory seagulls. For the owner of 3Sheets restaurant on Hillary’s Boat Harbour marina in Perth, Australia, the seagull harassment was too much. So he took the only logical step: He began arming his customers with squirt guns.

As Americans, we’ve gotten soft.

So used to our comfortable lifestyle with our 3 square meals and literally no trouble whatsoever to get them. Hell, just anything you want can be delivered to your door in less than half an hour and you can eat it from the comfort of your own bed in your underwear.

That’s why I like this. You have to defend it, defend your right to eat, the right to the meal that you paid for. It’s old school. Do you think our ancestors had it this nice? Hell no. They were lucky to even eat and if they did catch a fish, they had to worry about fighting off a bear or another group of starving pioneers just to eat it. Same thing for the next meal, if there was a next meal…

Leonidas knew what was up.

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