Dad Takes Late Son’s Girlfriend To Her Senior Prom

Ugh. My heart.

The unimaginable happened to this man, his 19-year-old son, Carter, died in a car accident. His whole life was turned upside down. But in the midst of his grief, he stopped to think about the impact Carter’s death had on the others in his life, specifically to his son’s girlfriend, Kaylee.

Just one week after his Carter’s death, Robert Brown decided to ask Kaylee if he could accompany her to her senior prom in his son’s place. After discussion with his wife, Robert knew this is what their son would have wanted. He had already checked with the school and made other arrangements prior to asking, leaving it nearly impossible for Kaylee to decline.

The two had a great time even though they both got choked up a few times throughout the evening. Before attending prom, they went to dinner where Carter and Kaylee had their first date, and drove Carter’s sports car. The family stated they all had overwhelming feelings but enjoyed the experience and claimed that Kaylee was part of their family.

My faith in humanity is restored for the moment. Sometimes the best people get dealt the worst hands.

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