Get Ready Bachelorettes, Magic Mike Shows Are Coming To Nashville

Nashville may be formally known as Music City, but “Bachelorette City” would be a close second.

With the endless gangs of women invading Lower Broadway for their bachelorette shenanigans and their pedal tavern parties, it was only a matter of time before full-blown Magic Mike shows came to town.

According to Nashville Business Journal, there is already a handful of male stripping services in the Nashville area, but next month, two separate groups plan to launch male burlesque shows in the heart of downtown Nashville: Nashville BroLesque and Music City Male Revue.

“Though Nashville is the bachelorette capital of, I would argue, the country now … there really isn’t that much that’s geared directly at bachelorettes in the way of shows,” says Nashville BroLesque founder Brooks Coffin.

Get ready ladies. It’s about to get a lot hotter in Nashville.

Those of you locals that already hate all the tourists, well… this isn’t going to help.