Wine Kegs Are Actually A Thing And Summer Just Got A Little Bit Drunker

Yes way, rosé.

Wait, why did nobody tell me that you can actually get kegs of wine? Yes, kegs containing 26 bottles of wine inside are actually something you can purchase. Bring on summer, NOW.

If you’re in for the time (and headache) of your life, a company called Bridge Lane sells kegs of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, etc., for a whopping $240.

I’ve been scarred for life by beer kegs (college was tough), but maybe kegs of wine will turn it around. Your summer cookout just got a little bit classier and a lot drunker.

Spring is for rosé kegs 💛🌸💛🌸

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On #nationaldrinkwineday we’re tapping a keg of Chard 💛💛

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