8 Country Songs To Set Your Gypsy Soul on Fire

Gypsy. Vagabond. Wanderer. Nomad.

All terms of endearment, in my opinion. As much as I wish I was literally living this completely detached lifestyle, I’m not. I have a real house, a real job, and a regular schedule. But I guess that’s why the term “gypsy soul” came to be. The urge to find the next adventure. The fear of being stuck in the same place for too long. The admiration of the great unknown. And the constant need to explore. This is as close to the actual gypsy life as I’ll ever be.

If this sounds like you, these 8 songs are guaranteed to set your gypsy soul on fire…

Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks

Might be the song that set you up for this gypsy life way before you even knew what it was. Enticing us with the thought of escaping wherever we grew up. Leaving to find in a new place, with new people, and make a life of your own.

Wide open spaces // Room to make a big mistake // She needs new faces

One Way Ticket – LeAnn Rimes

For the very moment you decide to embark on your wandering path. No matter what prompted this urge, it’s time to go. What better way to get out than leaving without a plan to return?

Looking out into the great unknown // I can feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own

I’ll Just Hold On – Blake Shelton

This poor guy, he knows what he’s up against and that he’s never going to win. But he’d rather have the short time with you than never have you at all.

Girl I know you’re a gypsy soul // And I’m just a stop along your road // You hang around long enough to blow my mind

Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band

Sometimes there’s a sad side of this gypsy soul lifestyle for you too. You find love, but you still have to have to go. Being forever torn between the adventure and a consistent love. No one said this life was going to be an easy one.

You’re a lover, I’m a runner // We go round and round // And I love you but I leave you

Wild Child – Kenny Chesney

A sweet reminiscent story from a man who was able to hold your spirit in place for a short while. At least you left this one with fond memories. He knew you were never meant to stay.

She goes where the wing suggests she goes // Who knows // Got a spirit that can’t be tamed

Tough to Tie Down – Jordan Davis

Finally, someone who sees every part of who you are, and loves every part of it. He knows this gypsy soul is who you are and even when you leave, he’s not letting go. The best-case scenario. Does this actually exist?

She’s always driftin and always dreamin // She’s good at lovin but better at leavin

Airstream Song – Miranda Lambert

As much as I hate to speak in definitive terms, this will forever be my favorite song. By far, the most I’ve ever self-identified with anything. Can you imagine just living in an Airstream and being able to pick up whenever you were ready? Yet, the constant fear of never being truly happy always remains.

The safety of the fence // Or the danger of the ride // I’ll always be unsatisfied

Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do – Dierks Bentley

Obviously, you’re leaving a trail of heartbreak. Maybe you should leave a warning to anyone who’s trying to tie you down. Better to let them know what they’re in for before you leave again.

Before you go and turn me on // Be sure that you can turn me loose // Cause I still got a lot of leavin left to do

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