Millennials Try Chick-Fil-A For The First Time Ever… Sad

Going to Chick-Fil-A is all about the experience. The service is second to none. If you say “Thank you” a hundred times, you’ll get a “My pleasure” back a hundred times. Even if the drive-through line is wrapped around the entire building, you’ll be through that bad boy in about two minutes. Oh, and the food…don’t even get me started on that…and the sweet tea too.

Recently, Business Insider put together a taste test for Millennials who have never had Chick-Fila-A before in their life. Yes, these people have gone their entire existence and never stepped foot in or ate at the greatest fast food establishment in the country. I didn’t even know people like this existed.

Check out the video.

The video is perplexing and I truly feel sorry for these so called millennials.

“They are a little potatoe-y for me.” They are French fries lady…they are made from potatoes!

“This is a very sad chicken sandwhich.” Shut up dude.