Zima Is Back & Summer 2018 Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Let’s be real, ever since Y2K, we’ve been trying to get back to the 90’s.

For example, our Saved By 90’s Country playlist is, by far, the best playlist ever created, in any genre, since the beginning of time.

Zima first hit shelves back in 1993 and was ultimately discontinued in 2008, however they brought it back for a limited run last summer and it must have been a success because they’re bringing it back again this summer. Last summer, we bought some, did a podcast with some and I wasn’t crazy about it, but I’m a sucker for nostalgia so if I make it through summer 2018 without buying a sixer of Zima, it’ll be a miracle.

Summer 2018 just got a whole lot better.

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