Chase Rice Has Surgery, Pissed That Doctor Tells Him He Can’t Eat Pizza

“A little bit of bullsh*t.”

If you know anything about Chase Rice, you’d know that there’s nothing this man loves more than his pizza. He’s not a very happy camper right now because his doctor told him to refrain from pizza after his surgery he got today (May 15).

“I showed you a couple weeks ago I was in Mammoth Lakes, California and we shot a music video for ‘Eyes On You,'” Rice shared via a video on Instagram. “I said it was going to be epic and then I showed later in the day that it was. I had ice on my chest. So, I tore my pec and today I just got surgery for that.”

You might think that the worst part of the whole situation would be that he just got out of surgery, but not for Chase Rice.

“The biggest thing I’m upset about is I’m going to Whole Foods right now because they said I couldn’t have pizza. A little bit of bullsh*t but ya know, whatever.”

Thinking about you through this difficult time, Chase.

Cover image via Chase Rice on Instagram