America’s Oldest Veteran Turns 112 Today, Says Key To Long Life Is Whiskey & Cigars

Time to celebrate.

WWII veteran, Richard Overton, is America’s oldest veteran. Today he turned 112 years old. 112. Think about that.

National Geographic did an awesome short film on Richard a couple years back that I highly recommend you watch. He states that he smokes 12 cigars a day and drinks 4 cups of whiskey in the morning. That’s the key to a long life, according to Richard. I love this man.

In Overton’s lifetime, he’s seen the following tech advancements (ABC):

The electric washing machine
Hearing aids
Frozen food
Sliced bread

Thank you for your service Mr. Overton, and for being one of a kind.

“I just sit there and smoke sometimes 12 cigars a day. Maybe sometimes more than that. I drink about four cups of coffee in the morning. This morning I drank about that much whiskey.”

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