The Official Whiskey Riff 2018 ACM Awards Drinking Game

The time has come.

Tonight, the 53rd ACM Awards take place in Las Vegas. We’ll be live-tweeting the awards, so make sure you give us a a follow at @WhiskeyRiff – nobody does it better.

As for the show itself, we know you like to have a little whiskey, wine, a little of both, maybe some beer, maybe more. So, let’s have some fun.

Here’s the Official Whiskey Riff 2018 ACM Awards Drinking Game.

Take a drink every time…

You wish Reba was your mom’s best friend.

You say “what the fuck is he wearing?”

There’s a political reference.

A Whiskey Riff live tweet hits the spot.

You see Alan Jackson and it brings a tear to your eye.

You wince and say “wasn’t the best performance.”

You nod and say “that sounded great.”

You hear Chris Stapleton’s name.

You say “I miss the old Thomas Rhett.”

You get angry Kip Moore isn’t nominated or performing.

You get angry Eric Church isn’t nominated or performing.

You ask “What the fuck?”

You say “Oh, fuck…”

You laugh at a bad joke.

You see Miranda Lambert and think “what a badass.”

Someone’s acceptance speech gives you chills.

You see someone drinking alcohol.

You say “damn, he/she looks good.”

You correctly predict an award winner.

An old person ends up on camera dancing and clapping off-rhythm.

Finish your drink, grab another drink, and chug that one when…

You see Bebe Rexha.