Shania Twain Partying With Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, And More At Coachella Is The Best Thing You’ll See This Week

Hell yeah, Shania.

If you’re a music fan or just have a social media account in general, you’re definitely pretty aware that this weekend was the first weekend of Coachella.

Apart from seeing some of the industry’s biggest artists onstage, you’re bound to see them walking around and partying right alongside you during the star-studded weekend.

One of the coolest and most unexpected things we’ve seen so far is who Shania Twain has been hanging around.

Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Quavo from Migos, and French Montana are only a few of the rappers Twain posed for some hazy photos with.

@shaniatwain is so dope in real life,” Nicki Minaj shared.

This is amazing, I don’t care what you have to say. You go, Shania.

Good times at Coachella last night 😘

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