Huh? No Eric Church, No Chris Stapleton Set To Perform Tonight

In what has become a long list of head-scratchers, the ACMs continue to pile them on.

They couldn’t find another female artist to add to the “New Female Vocalist” category, they could only come up with 4 songs for the “Song of the Year” category, including one that was released in 2015 and now, and we have no Chris Stapleton or Eric Church set to perform tonight.

With 8 nominations, Chris Stapleton was definitely asked to perform, so for my money, there are only two reasonable scenarios here. He is either expecting, or very recently welcomed, his twins this weekend, or… he said no.

Eric Church on the other hand, got snubbed on the “Entertainer of the Year” nomination so for all we know he doesn’t even plan on showing up. That, or he was also asked and said no. In the event that he wasn’t even asked… well, that’s just embarrassing for the ACMs.

There’s always the possibility that we’re in for a big surprise, but that seems highly unlikely.

I guess we’ll see. In any event, be sure to follow along on Twitter where the live Tweets will raining fast and furious like fire from Heaven.

Don’t sleep on the drinking game either. I can’t promise you won’t be blacked out before the show ends though.