These Fake Artist Accounts Are Starting To Get Creative

The fake artist accounts are like the fucking plague.

Every artist has to deal with it at some level and although you think to yourself, “are people really that stupid?” my mom called me to tell me that Scotty McCreery followed her on Twitter the other day so yeah… they are. Artists like Kip Moore and Chris Young have been pretty vocal about the headache these scammers cause, especially when they are trying get money from unsuspecting fans. They’re scum.

This latest one, involving a fake Chase Rice and some mediocre Photoshop work, is pretty damn funny though.

Chase Rice official secondary page? C’mon guy. Not a good start.

The tried and true “take a picture of yourself” request for proof. Usually that’s game over, but not this time. This impostor watched a few Photoshop videos on YouTube. He had a plan. Not a good one, but a plan nonetheless.

Beautifully crafted fake picture. You gotta respect the creativity.

Unfortunately for him, Hillary here was a graphic design major and could spot that bullshit a mile away. Checkmate.

A for effort you creep.

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