Name That State: Guy Admits He “Deserves” DUI After Taking 8 Shots of Rum, Driving Drunk, Destroying Mailboxes

You don’t say?

According to reports, Collin James Daniel, 24, faces DUI and battery charges after he drove drunk and hit mailboxes. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.316. That’s a lot and this guy is an even bigger idiot for getting behind the wheel.

But let’s take a second to look at his mugshot…

After destroying some mailboxes, he ran, hiding under a truck. He was eventually caught, and said he wouldn’t get a lawyer because he knew he messed up.

“It’s my fault for driving impaired, which I did and I will admit it.” He also admitted to hitting the mailboxes and leaving the scene because he was afraid.

He told troopers he had eight shots of rum while at a bar.

The trooper instructed Daniel to perform field sobriety tests, but Daniel couldn’t perform them. He told the trooper repeatedly that he was drunk and “deserves this.”