WATCH: Blake Shelton Goes To A Palm Reader And The Only Thing His Future Holds Is A Beer

This is actually funny as hell.

Say whatever you want about Blake Shelton working in Hollywood and on our TV screens as a Voice coach, but the guy is pretty damn funny.

He’s especially funny when he meets up with Jimmy Fallon because these two seem to be in a constant argument. This time, Jimmy and Blake visited a palm reader and the result was pretty hilarious.

Speaking about Blake’s finger, she says he’s a “good two and a half inches and crooked.” If you have the mind like Jimmy does, you know he had a heyday with this.

She also could tell by Blake’s hands that he has been “spending a lot of time with a young man lately,” and it instantly turned into an episode of Dateline.

The palm reading is just constant banter between the guys and I’m loving it. Blake concludes by saying the only thing his “future holds is a beer.”

I feel that. Take a look…