RaeLynn Releases Empowering Anthem Of Self-Love “Queens Don’t”

“Know whose you are.”

My dad always used to say that to my sister to remind her that she was a beautiful part of God’s creation and that her value came from that and not material things or from other people. RaeLynn took that same idea and made it into an inspiring new anthem of girl power and self-love. Something we desperately need to hear in 2018.

“‘Queens Don’t’ is an empowerment anthem,” explains RaeLynn. “A ‘queen’ is any person who knows that they are royalty from the inside out regardless of where they came from. I wanted all my incredible friends and fans to remember that their self-worth shouldn’t be based on material things or other’s opinions but rather the beauty and strength of your spirit. I hope this song inspires everyone who hears it – guy or girl, young or old – to be a queen and to never settle for people in your life that don’t see your true incredible worth.”

Take a listen.