Cameron Hanes Fires Back After SNL Takes Shots At “Sociopath” Hunters

Ultra-marathon runner, bowhunter athlete and all-around good dude Cameron Hanes went toe to toe with Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che the other day after a rather uniformed SNL skit took shots at the entire hunting community.

Hanes, whose advocacy for conservation has been well-documented, called out SNL for their cheap-shot comments. Hunting can often times be a controversial subject, especially among those that have no real sense about what hunting really is. I’m glad we have influential guys like Cam to stand up and speak the truth.

The SNL star Michael Che (the guy in the video) then got personal in the comments section claiming that hunters were “sociopaths” and that he only ate “rich people food.”


And, the following screenshots are why the SNL skit I spoke of in yesterday's post bugged me. Yes, I get jokes and I'm generally not overly sensitive but what he said wasn't funny and I felt it was trying to promote an agenda…obviously as we see here, his personal agenda. The "hunters are bad" agenda/propaganda is one we as respectful outdoorsmen fight everyday. And yes, I'm protective of a lifestyle that has defined me and changed my life. I'm sharing these comments from the guy in the skit not because I want anyone to go to his page and stoop to his level (please don't). I don't hate him or wish any ill will at all (he's probably a funny person), I am not a fan of these divisive, hateful comments though and I am disappointed that because someone is on TV they think they are better than someone else. I am disappointed in the judgmental and disrespectful attitude I see here from someone who is on a platform to influence. I too have a platform and will use to promote a lifestyle many love and are drawn to because of the connection it gives us to our food, and I will also use my platform to address things that bother me. Some who watch SNL don't know any hunters personally so this is all they'll know about hunters. That's why this skit bothered me. But, I am sharing these mostly because we need to realize this guy isn't on an island with his thoughts and we as hunters are being judged everyday, which is why we must be thoughtful about what we post and share on social media. I hope we can learn from this. If we want respect, make sure we promote respect for the animals that feed our families and the country we love. If you don't agree with me being bothered by this, that's fine. You're still welcome here. The only people I don't have any tolerance for is those who leave unnecessarily negative comments. #proudtobeahunter

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