Watch A Fresh-Faced Keith Urban Shred At The Strangest ’90s Pool Party I’ve Ever Seen

I was born in the ’80s. I’ve seen enough TV to know that pool parties were pretty sick back in the day.

Hell, last summer we even recreated one at my friend’s wedding.

Pretty cool, right?

So let me ask you, what in the hell is going on here?

You got 25 people standing around in jeans, looking awkward as hell about this Australian guy banging on a guitar. He gets them back with a couple laughs and a Deliverance lick, but why is nobody drinking, nobody partying, nobody rocking the neon colors? Overalls at the end there was pretty excited and the guy in the suit was clapping, but not really any kind of pool party I want to go to. Keith was on his own up there.

He sure can shred though. Hot damn.

Video via John Mangelluzzi.