U.S. Marines Drink Cobra Blood, Eat Live Animals While Training In Thailand

Every year, Thailand hosts a multi-national military training exercise giving soldiers valuable survival experience that they would not ordinarily receive in their own country. The Annual Cobra Gold military exercise saw participants from 29 countries, the seven main participants including the U.S., Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

According to Newsweek, the Thai military instructor, chief petty officer 1st class Pairot Prasarnsai, emphasized the importance of providing nutrients and liquids while out in the wilderness of a tropical forest. He showed the soldiers various skills, such as obtaining water from vines and safely eating poisonous animals like scorpions and spiders. The soldiers also tasted raw geckos, grilled gibbons and civets, as well as local vegetables.

You hear that?

Our boys are overseas drinking cobra blood and eating live scorpions to get an edge over the competition. You want to fight the United States in the jungle? There sure as hell ain’t no jungles in the United States so I think that’s a good idea. WRONG. Very wrong.

They’re ready. They’re more than ready. They’re drinking cobra blood ready. You can’t be more ready for jungle combat than that.