Nashville Craigslist Ad Seeks Someone To “Break In White Converse All-Stars For Day Drinking Season”


Day drinking season is vastly approaching and, for one Nashville resident, the sneaker game is major key. He posted a Craiglist ad looking for someone to “break in his white Converse All-Stars” for day drinking season and he has my full support.

The full ad states:

“Looking to hire someone to break in my new white Converse All-Stars. Day drinking season is creeping up on us and I can’t be seen walking around the Gulch looking like I just got these puppies Amazon Prime’d to my door at the Element. Maybe you can run the bases at a baseball diamond, ’cause The Sandlot is sick. 

The general look and style I’m going for is a Thomas Rhett meets Paul Walker FF1 (RIP FAM). I usually chill at The Back Corner, Kung-Fu, and basically anywhere with Golden Tee. Sometimes I’ll venture into East Nashville, but only when my uncle lets me borrow his dope Café Racer motorcycle. I’d love to have them ready by Bonarroo, they’ll really tie my outfit together. I’ve retired my Toon Squad basketball jersey ’cause we aren’t at ‘SC anymore, and will probably rock a sick Hawaiian, maybe my club lax bucket hat. 

Bonus points if you break them in as such so there’s a JUUL indent already in place in 1 of the hi-tops so I don’t have to take the time digging through there every time I need to rip some mango. I understand if this isn’t possible, but will compensate accordingly. 

Thanks & let the good times roll.”

Hey, I can’t blame him for wanting to hit the ground running once day drinking season starts. There are only so many sunny days in a year and you need to take advantage of every single one of them. I like the Thomas Rhett meets Paul Waker (RIP fam) vibe he’s going for, I like his bar choices, I fucking love The Sandlot. He kind of lost me with the JUUL indent, but whatever, I respect the hustle either way.

As a wise, but now most likely going to jail for tax evasion, cast member of The Jersey Shore once said, “If you lookin’ good, you feelin’ good. If you feelin’ good, you get good results.”

This guy gets it.

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