It’s Time To Move On For Your Own Sake

You tell yourself that this time it’s different and he is worth waiting for. You tell yourself what you have to just to justify why you’re waiting for him. It’s easy to get caught up in your feelings, thoughts, and memories but at some point, you have to remember what you deserve.

There comes a time when you have to stop waiting around for someone to become who you want them to be and realize who they are. You have to stop loving them at your own expense without getting that love in return.

It’s time to let go if you live in the memories more than present experiences. 

Do you find yourself replaying happy memories to make yourself feel better about the reality? Reminiscing on good moments is not a bad thing all the time. However, if the relationship is authentic, you should be creating more happy memories and not be constantly thinking back to the past. Write the memories down so you can look back on them later in life, but right now until you heal, you need to try to forget them as much as possible.

It’s time to let go if they bring you more pain than joy. 

Of course, every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs. There will be times when you have to work through tough situations and fight for each other, but this should not be the majority of the time and it shouldn’t only be one person fighting to make it work. If you’re always feeling more sad, angry or frustrated about the situation, then it’s time to move on. The right person won’t bring you that much pain.

It’s time to let go if they are only half-way in. 

Every person deserves someone who is all in. It shouldn’t take any convincing to make someone want to be with you. Don’t be their “in between” while they are waiting for someone better to come along. You deserve to be with someone who knows that it doesn’t get any better. If they can’t be all in for you, move on.

It’s time to let go if your family and friends don’t approve. 

If everyone who is close to you and has always known you is telling you that something isn’t right, then maybe it’s time to reassess the situation. Remember, they want what is best for you. Take a step back from what you think you know or feel, and listen to your loved ones. They are the people who have always loved you and been there for you. At times, they can see things more clearly than you. Take their advice.

As difficult as it may be to move on, just do it. Don’t settle for the late night booty call, the shallow words said to keep you around, or the memories that try to reel you back in. Times have changed and it’s time for you to move forward with time onto better.

It won’t happen overnight or when you’re looking for it but one day you’ll find the person that you’ve been waiting for. You’ll find someone who is all in and loves you like you love them. Never settle. You’re way too good for that.

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