Guy Arrested For Force-Feeding Cocaine and Whiskey to Goat

What a POS this guy…

According to WGN-TV, a man in Georgia is facing an animal cruelty charge and possible deportation after a video surfaced of him and two other guys force-feeding a goat whiskey and cocaine. Seriously – not making this shit up.

Sheriff investigators arrested Sergio Palomares-Guzman at a ranch where he worked as a horse trainer.

Footage from the January 2 incident shows Palomares-Guzman holding the goat’s horns while a second male suspect inserted cocaine into the goat’s nostril. Palomares-Guzman then forced the goat’s mouth open as the second suspect poured whiskey into the goat’s mouth.

Following arrest, Palomares-Guzman was taken to Gwinnett County Jail and placed on an ICE detainer. The two other suspects have not been identified.

The goat is in good condition and available for adoption through the Gwinnett Animal Shelter.

Plenty of things bother me, but animal cruelty really gets my blood boiling.

* image by NikkiHoff /