Warning: This Will Have You Counting Down The Days Until Summer Country Concerts

A concert junkie knows all too well what winter blues really feels like. Sure, we have concerts still, but nothing beats a country concert on a hot summer night. There are just things and feelings that a country concert in the heat of the summer brings that a winter show simply can’t match. If you’re anything like me, you get it and you miss it.

You miss the feeling you get waking up knowing that it’s a concert day.

Yes, DAY. A true country concert junkie knows that the party starts first thing in the morning with your beer shower.

You miss your concert crew and the damn good tailgate you always throw beforehand.

The show might not start until 7 PM but you and your crew are out in the parking lot around 3 PM.

You miss the warm sun shining down on you.

Because there’s almost no better feeling than sipping a cold beer with the sun beating down and country music blaring in the back.

You miss standing up on the tailgate dancing around like no one is watching.

In your mind, it’s just you and the music. Nothing else matters.

You miss the challenge you created for yourself to try and get to the front with lawn tickets.

It keeps it interesting.

You miss that feeling you get when your song comes on.

You OWN that sh*t.

You miss rocking your concert cowboy boots.

They make you feel like a total badass.

You miss seeing the lighters go up all around the venue when the really deep emotional song comes on.

It’s a sight to see.

You miss that pre-concert parking lot link n’ drink.

Especially with that Whiskey Riff koozie.

You miss every little thing when it comes to country concerts in the summer and you can’t wait for the time to come back around again.