Walker Hayes Reveals The Hilarious Reason He Wants 8 Kids

In case you didn’t know, along with being one of country’s hottest new acts, Walker Hayes is a dad of six. And while he prepares for his first headlining tour which kicks off on Thursday, he’s also preparing for baby #7. The baby is due in June, and his answer to if he and his wife Laney think they will have more after this one was too hilarious and adorable for me not to share:

I do, just because I don’t like odd numbers. So I feel like maybe 8 is the magic one. But that’s a conversation I need to have with my wife, I don’t know if she wants more. That’s kind of what got us into this predicament, we never really had the “hey are we done at 6?” conversation, so maybe we need to have that one a little earlier this time. But yeah we’re super thrilled, it’s never old, the ultrasound process, the “what did your kid grow today?” thing, we love that stuff. And we don’t take it for granted, we’re just fortunate that our kids are healthy, and looking forward to meeting this new one.

Walker and Laney are absolute rockstars for balancing baseball games and national tour dates, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. As for the gender of the baby, the couple has chosen not to find out, like they’ve done with all of their other kids. In the meantime, find out where you can catch Walker on tour here.