People Are Crediting Harry Styles For Introducing Them To Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush”

They owe Harry a thank you, apparently.

Recently, I’ve become re-obsessed with Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” it’s a cycle that happens every couple months. Anyways, as I was listening to it on YouTube, I happened to stumble upon the comments section.

Almost all of the top comments were of people noting that Harry Styles did a cover of the song, and that’s why they were there.

Back in November, former One Direction leading man Harry Styles did a cover of “Girl Crush” at The BBC and killed it. Since Harry has millions of devoted followers and fan girls, they seemed to become obsessed with this Little Big Town hit.

Back to the comments section of the official “Girl Crush” music video, they are hilarious.

“Thanks Harry Styles for introducing me to this masterpiece,” one commenter wrote. Many more followed…

Well, it looks like Lady Antebellum owes Harry Styles a little thank you for bringing light to this song? Well, Harry’s cover barely scratches the surface of the official music video, when it comes to views. So, maybe not…