Lyft Beer Is A Thing And I Just Deleted My Uber App

I have been waiting for one of these rideshare services to really set themselves apart.

Lyft won me over with beer.

According the Chicago Tribune, the nation’s second-largest ride sharing company will team up with Chicago’s Baderbrau Brewing on Five Star Lager, a brand both companies envision drinkers reaching for at the end of an evening out — just about the time they’re deciding how to get home.

Five Star Lager will be available only in bars and only in 12-ounce cans, each of which will feature a discount code for as much as $5 off a Lyft ride. The beer is in fact a rebranded version of one of Baderbrau’s easiest-drinking beers, South Side Pride, a crisp helles lager.

Lyft has committed to a run of 1,000 cases — 24,000 cans — of Five Star Lager before evaluating the effort. Katcher declined to describe the financial details of the partnership.

Five Star’s discount offers 40 to 60 percent off a Lyft ride up to $5. The code expires within seven days, and is usable only on “classic” Lyft rides — not the carpooling Lyft Line service or Lyft Plus, which employs larger vehicles.

“We’re just focused on getting this out there in Chicago and we’ll see how it goes,” Katcher said.

Congratulations Lyft, you just earned a new lifelong fan.