Kentucky Principal Announces Snow Day With Laughable Garth Brooks Parody “Friends In Snow Places”

You know this is Kentucky because he’s so pumped for a snow day… and they actually have one.

They probably got like 2 inches of snow and whole state shut down for two weeks, but good for them. Up here in the north, snow days are things kids just dream about. Maybe they have seen that dumb Josh Peck movie about one, but there’s no such thing. -60? See you at 8:30 sharp. 6 feet of snow? Just try and get here by 9am. Yeah, I’m a little bitter… I digress.

However, at Union Pointe Academy principal Chad Caddell, took the opportunity to have some fun by announcing the snow day with a comical approach to Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places.” Re-writing the song, donning the cowboy hat and adding quite a few weird facial expressions, principal Caddell went full throttle.

Check it out