EXCLUSIVE: Luke Pell Debuts His First EP

Country singer-songwriter Luke Pell just dropped his self-titled EP.

Luke is a friend, and a damn good dude. He’s the type of guy people are going to gravitate towards after they meet him, and hear the music. He joined us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast a little while back to talk about life, music, and everything in between. I love when we meet an artist, and you can tell they care. Luke cares. The singing, the songwriting, the live show – it’s all coming together for him, and this EP will be an instrumental collection of songs to help him get to that next level.

This EP includes a mixture of songs written by Luke, his producer Ash Bowers, and hit writers Brandon Kinney, Andrew DeRoberts, among others. I asked Luke what his favorite song on the EP was and he said “‘Live It Up,’ which I feel is a nod to my military roots and where I was raised (Texas).”

A lot of hard work goes into an album or EP. Luke has the passion and said “I want to paint a picture for listeners of my past: the challenges, victories, and lessons I’ve learned in life and love that all add up to who I am today.”

For me, my favorite song is “Drink You In.” It has a much different sound than the other songs on the EP.

Pell said, “‘Drink You In’ is a song I wrote with Brandon Kinney and Brandon Hood. It developed into this moody, light-hearted vibe with an R&B feel. Since I have such a diverse array of musical influences, I wanted to add some variety and other elements to round this track out and give it that unique ‘vibey’ sound.”

As for 2018, he said “I just wrapped up a 91-date coast to coast tour and I’m back on the road February 23rd to share this new music with my fans across the country again! I’ll have a complete list of tour dates announced by February 1st on my website.”

Enjoy Luke Pell’s self-titled EP below.