Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos in His Office in 1999 Is All The Motivation You Need for 2018

Sometimes, an image speaks much louder than words could ever do.

Case in point, this picture of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 1999, in his shitty little office, with a spray painted piece of paper/sign, clutter, and nothing glamorous.

Fast forward to 2018, and Jeff is the richest man in the world. According to ZDNet he ended 2017 worth $99 Billion. BILLION. 99! BILLION! Now, Jeff has gone full badass bald, not the “I’m balding, bald.” He works out. He looks like a guy about to save the world from an alien invasion. And he’s proof that grinding pays off.

Make this your year.

From that office in 1999, to this…

* image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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