5 Of The Absolute Easiest Hot Cocktails To Warm You Up This Season

What’s the best way to stay warm this season? Stay thirsty my friends.

Cuddling up and lighting a fire is all well and good, but if you really want to stay warm in your belly this winter, mix you up a hot cocktail. Here’s 5 of the aboslute easiest cocktails we could come up with.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is basically the only way I drink coffee. Spiked. Like when you wake up with a headache and only a combination of caffeine AND booze will be enough to get the motor running.

Or just go to Starbucks, pop the lid off and pour in your favorite liquor.

Hot Buttered Rum

Are you familiar with Bulletproof Coffee? It’s a fad beverage that takes enough butter to kill a small horse and stirs it into coffee for a foamy, buttery, coffee-eque drink that will make you shit your brains out. It’s kind of like that, but better. Just dissolve sugar in a little hot water, add some rum and unsalted butter. Fill the mug with hot water and sprinkle a little nutmeg on top.

Hot Toddy

The tea version of an Irish coffee. Just make some hot tea with sugar or honey or whatever you like and pour in your favorite liquor. Also, can be made the alcoholic way by popping off the top of a Starbucks cup and sneaking in some booze.

Hot Jungle Juice

The holiday party favorite. You take your run of the mill jungle juice recipe and simmer that shit low and slow til warm. Add some fruit and some tea. Easy peasy.

Mulled Wine

This is another holiday party favorite that is ridiculously easy for the name. “Mulled wine?” It sounds like a whole lot of time and effort went into making it, when the reality is you just dump a bottle of red wine into a pot and add the same spices you put into apple cider. Pinch of cinnamon, some cloves and bingo bango. You’re classy AF.

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