Dolly Parton Named Highest Paid Woman In Country Music In 2017

Go, Dolly! Go!

Forbes magazine‘s lists for the highest paid big ballers of the year are out and one special woman is topping the country music list with the biggest paycheck.

The list for the highest paid women in music just dropped and Dolly Parton comes in at No. 6 with $37 million in earnings just this year!

Among her on the list is Beyoncé (No. 1 with $105 million), Adele (No. 2 with $69 million), Taylor Swift (No. 3 with $44 million), Celine Dion (No. 4 with $42 million), Jennifer Lopez (No. 5 with $38 million), and more leading ladies.

Since the top 5 women all come from other genres, that makes Dolly Parton the highest paid woman in country music this year. Well deserved, Dolly!

Photo via @DollyParton on Instagram