This Is How You Get Her Back Even After You Broke Her Heart

1. Acknowledge.

Man up and realize you messed up. You let her fall and didn’t catch her. Your words and actions fell short. Get off your high horse and acknowledge you screwed up. Do everything you can to get her to listen to you again. Then, when she does, tell her your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Be vulnerable with her the same way she was with you when you broke her.

Tell her all the things you truly miss. This big and little things. Tell her how you miss waking up to the smell of her perfume left over on your pillow. How you miss her crinkled nose when she laughs and the little snorts that follow. Tell her you miss the way she’d light up the room when she walked in and how she’d dance around like no one was watching. Tell her every little thing you miss, and make sure she sees that you really do understand you messed up.

2. Apologize.

This isn’t a “sorry but” kind of apology. You need to fully dig deep and genuinely apologize for every hurting her. No matter what you think she could’ve done differently too, forget that. In that moment, you need to let go of your pride and apologize without any reservation. You do this because you need her to understand how sorry you are, you need her to give you another chance.

3. Pursue her with your whole being.

Even though you apologize, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll come around right away. She’s been hurt and you’ve let her down before. It’ll take some time for her to trust you again, to believe the words you say, and to let herself fall for someone who didn’t catch her last time.

You need to prove to her that you mean every word you say. She becomes the priority that she should’ve been before. You have to do everything in your power to show her that you want her and need her in your life.

Make it impossible for this girl to ever doubt your love for her again. 

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