21 Guys Gave The Stupidest Thing They Ever Did For a Girl and It’s a Classic

An instant classic.

A bunch of guys answered the following question (AskReddit): What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

Sometimes you just gotta tip your hat, and realize you fucked up. Here’s how they responded.


1. Went to court with her to watch the restraining order that she put on a man that she was stalking get lifted.

2. In high school I was a total loser nerd with acne. Some pretty and popular girl asked in a weird baby like voice if she could copy my homework. She copied my homework exactly without changing it. She got caught and then accused me of the one cheating. I got suspended.

3. Room, board, entertainment, travel expenses while she researched and wrote a book. The book was a steaming pile of shit. She was just using me for my money.

4. Bought her Plan B. I’m a virgin.

5. Bought her a car. Two weeks later she wrecked it. Two weeks after that she dumped me. Never, ever, again.

6. Said no to a huge promotion that would have set me up for years, 240k salary and benefits. It required me to work overseas though. Fell on my face when I left that line of work and never got the girl back. Still recovering years later and will probably never adjust my life plans/circumstances for another person again.

7. Spent $11,000 on a piece of jewelry. Love her, though.

8. Stayed in a house full of spiders just to sleep with a girl. There were literally spiders in every corner of every room of the house, top to bottom. I counted at least 3-4 different types. It ended up not being worth it.

9. Just did it last night. At SkyZone (trampoline park if you don’t know). Meet a girl there and she’s flirting hard. Decide to go over to a separate jumping area and mess around. She’s in gymnastics and does flips and handstands. Wants to see what I’ve got. Me, never having ever done a backflip before, decides in my infinite wisdom to try one and end up landing on my neck. Still hurts today and I didn’t even get her number.

10. Took her back again cuz I thought she changed.

11. Drove with her to Pittsburgh to go to a concert only for her to hook up with the singer of one of the bands. I waited in the hotel room like a chump while she went on a date with the guy. From where I live Pittsburgh is about a 4 hour drive.

12. Drove to another state to help her move into college where she promptly cheated on me as I slept in my truck. I even got a parking ticket. Oh well, now she’s divorced.

13. Put lots of money on credit cards to go jetsetting in order to impress her. You can guess how that worked out for me. The trips were all fun though so not a total loss.

14. Married one. Put up with another’s legitimately psycho sister. Let another’s bitter, recently divorced, friend with a baby move in to our apartment.

15. Got married because I felt bad for her.

16. I️ did the handbrake drift in my high schools overflow parking lot to impress a girl a few years ago. Handbrake got stuck and I️ drove right through the fence.

17. Saw 10 seasons of Friends even though I disliked it from the pilot itself.

18. White-knighting : tried to protect her from an asshole we both knew was toxic for her, all in vain. She was madly infatuated with him.

19. Drove her to the airport to go see a guy she liked…

20. I knew she wasn’t the most reliable person, but I loaned her money so she could make rent right after she lost her job. Never got so much as a penny back.

21. When I was 8, I popped a wheelie to impress one and fell off.

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