Take A Deep Breath and Relive Life’s Best Memories With These Candles

People go crazy for candles.

You just can’t have enough, and even better, they make one of the best gifts for the holiday season (we have a special discount for you at the end of this post – wink, wink).

However, sometimes candles are much more than a gift. Sometimes they are a memory, and that’s what Homesick Candles has createdIn case you’re not familiar with the company, they started by just selling a candle for each state – I know, awesome. Each state has its own candle, with a unique smell that reminds you of home. Now, they’ve upped the ante, creating ‘Memories’ and ‘Holiday’ to really take you to that place in your mind you’ll cherish forever.

What kind of ‘Memories’ you ask? How about “Grandma’s Kitchen” (the scents of rich butter mixed with touches of apple, cinnamon, clove and a hint of sugar cookie. Tonka bean and sugar finish out this homey aroma) or “Friday Night Football” (rich leather mixed with fresh grass, dirt and some concession popcorn. Hints of musk and cedarwood of bleachers).

Browse all the candles right here.

If you’re looking to get something more holiday-focused, they have that too with the “Holiday” candle. Along with that, they have the “Jewish Christmas” candle and the “Hanukkah” candle.

And of course, your home. Your state. The place that makes you Homesick. Since it’s the holiday season, we wanted to give you 15% OFF your candle order. Simply enter HOMESICKWR15 at checkout, and receive the discount. Check out all the candles right here.

Wrapping up a long holiday weekend with soft, cool vibes thanks to @averysoutherngirl 📷#tennessee

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