Don’t Forget Ladies, You’re Worth It

We could all take a thing or two away from Danielle Bradbery’s new song, “Worth It” because, girl, you are worth it. 

It’s so easy to forget your worth. Living in a society that’s constantly telling you that you aren’t enough while being surrounded by guys who can’t treat you right can really cause a girl to lose herself. You start to tell yourself lies, you end up settling, and ultimately heartbreak hits. For those of you on that path, quit while you’re ahead. Read through this and remind yourself what kind of love you deserve and the kind of love worth waiting for.

You deserve someone who…

1.  will love you for all that you are. The good, bad, and ugly.

2. won’t let you fall asleep angry.

3. goes out of their way to show you they care.

4. makes you feel wanted, not annoying.

5. fights for the relationship just as much as you do.

6. sends you random, sweet texts just because they were thinking about you.

7. doesn’t run when things get hard.

8. asks you out on real dates.

9. will let you be yourself.

10. doesn’t get mad at you for just trying to love them.

11. picks you wildflowers just because.

12. slow dances in the rain with you.

13. truly listens to you and loves every second of it.

14. wants to know every little thing about you.

15. encourages you to dream big and doesn’t put your big dreams down.

16. knows how to communicate their feelings.

17. will stand by your side through the worst times.

18. you can fully trust to take care of your heart.

19. thinks you’re as good as it gets.

20. is looking for love, not a one night stand.

21. will wait for you.

22. will fight for you no matter how much you push away.

23. wants God at the center of your relationship.

24. Thinks your the most beautiful girl in the world.

25. will do anything to make sure that you are his girl for the rest of his life.