10 Things You Need To Stop Doing In 2018

There are 6 weeks left of 2017. How?

It seems like it was summer two weeks ago, but nevertheless, the new year will be here before you blink. We all know the saying “New Year, New Me,” but you know that’s rarely ever the case.

If you REALLY want a “new you” come New Year, I️ suggest you stop doing these 10 things:

1. Giving a damn.

Seriously, stop.

2. Being part of toxic relationships.

Honestly, if the relationship doesn’t encourage you, support you, or (sadly) seems like an inconvenience, then you need to move forward with yourself and make time with those you genuinely want to be with.

3. Having any faith in men that ghost you.

Don’t let men dictate what the relationship is and where it is, or isn’t, going.

4. Living life through Instagram.

Live your life for the memories, not just for your profile’s aesthetic. Be raw with your posts, show some authenticity.

Evening activities…

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5. Making empty promises.

An easy exit to any awkward conversation you have with someone whom you haven’t seen in a while is just to say “I’ll text you” or “we should totally get together”. This is especially hard when you go home for Thanksgiving and see old high school friends – stop doing this. It benefits neither parties.

6. Comparing yourself to others.

It’s so hard not to do this when we in a time where people like Carrie Underwood exist (even when she’s wearing a mask and shamelessly drinking wine alone). However, there can only be one Carrie and there is only one you. Be original!

7. Not having a passion.

Everyone has to have a passion in something. Where would our favorite country artists be if they didn’t have a passion for music?

8. Going on insane diets.

Moderation, moderation. It’s been proven that if you satisfy your cravings, you’re actually better off. Mentally and physically. Don’t deny yourself that late night drunken pizza order (I know you won’t anyways)

9. Living to please people.

You’re never going to please everyone. It’s so hard. Just worry about pleasing yourself and the rest will come naturally because those people who matter will be pleased if you are.

10. Saying “new year, new me.”

Don’t, don’t do it.

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