These New “Not Your Father’s” Flavors Will Make Any Alcohol-Lover Excited

Bring them on.

As an avid follower of the candy-obsessed Instagram account, @candyhunting, I just saw something on their Instagram Story that got me super excited: new Not Your Father’s flavors!

Yesterday (Oct. 18), at Chicago’s NACS Show, which is a convention that thousands of new products and services are showcased, new flavors of one of our favorite alcoholic beverages were announced!

Not Your Father’s Fruit Punch and Not Your Father’s Tonic Water! Any person that loves to make a mean mixie every once in a while is about to be super pumped!

According to their packaging, the fruit punch will contain “beer with natural and artificial flavors and certified color” and will contain 5% Alc/Vol. and will be released in 2018!

As for the Tonic Water, no information has been released yet, but by the looks of the packaging, I’m going to love having these on my shelf!

Which flavor are you most excited for?