22 People Share What They Like About “Drunk Me,” Basically Prove Being Drunk Is Awesome

I’ll drink to that.

We all know that drinking can be a blast, but why? Well, it turns out that there is a whole boatload of reasons why when we have a few drinks, we become the best versions of ourselves. More confidence, less anxiety and waaaay better dance moves are just part of what makes being drunk awesome.

This AskReddit thread posed the question “what do you love about drunk you?” Their answers are going to sound all too familiar.

1. “He always somehow gets home.”

2. “Anxiety-free!!!”

3. “I’m normally a very antisocial person, put a drink in my hand; world is my oyster.”

4. “I really get into music, it sounds amazing drunk. Sad songs seem sadder, powerful songs seem crazier.”

5. “Don’t know why, but drunk me will wake up really early after a house party and clean up the mess.”

6. “I become a good conversationalist for some reason I actually have stuff to say rather than just small talk it really pisses me off that I’m not like that sober.”

7. “I mysteriously lose all my mates…..Then make new mates….ahhh alcohol.”

8. “She thinks she is a really great dancer.”

9. “When I look in the mirror I am quite the dashing fellow. when I sober up not so much.”

10. “I speak fluent Spanish.”

11. “This drunk motherfucker makes friends with everybody. Crowded bar full of strangers? Crowded bar full of friends!! Empty room full of nobody but him? Fuck it, he talks to himself and likes it!”

12. “+10 Confidence -20 Intelligence -45 Dexterity.”

13. “I laugh so much more and don’t worry myself with what everyone else thinks.”

14. “What a confident, funny guy he is.”

15. “I’m open and honest – not in a rude way, but in a real way. I have a hard time with confrontation when I’m sober, all my walls are up and fear reigns supreme. When I drink that settles down.”

16. “I become what most people call normal.”

17. “I last much longer in bed.”

18. “Drunk me will dance with anyone to anything. Drunk me also sends a lot of fuckboi style texts and snaps, so you take the good with the bad.”

19. “Blackout pizza… get very drunk and boom. Wake up with cold pizza for breakfast. Apparently I’m still cognizant enough to turn the oven off as well.”

20. “Never forget my jacket.”

21. “Drunk me is beautiful.”

22. “Drunk me is my own best wingman. I don’t even realize it.”