The State Fair Of Texas Is Selling Oreo Beer And I’m On My Way

This sounds delicious.

It wouldn’t be Texas if they didn’t go big and outrageous on everything they do. This year’s State Fair of Texas has way too many treats that I would willingly stuff my face with.

Some of their new foods for 2017 include: deep-fried chicken noodle soup on a stick, funnel cake bacon queso burger, beer battered beef jerky, and the list goes on.

One of the new items this year really caught my eye: Oreo Beer from Barrera’s. Like, what?! I’ve tried chocolate stouts before, of course, but nothing of the cookies ‘n creme variety!

According to Guide Live, this convincing brew is an American milk stout with an Oreo cookie floating on top. The cup is rimmed with Oreo cream filling and chocolate Oreo bits. Its creator says the beer has essences of “vanilla, brown sugar and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.”

This will for sure give you a stomach ache, but that won’t stop me from trying! Who’s ready to road trip to the State Fair of Texas?