Route 91 Harvest Victim Now Suing Mandalay Bay Hotel And Resort

A victim of the Las Vegas shooting, Paige Gasper, has just filed a lawsuit against Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay, as you know, was the location of the Route 91 Harvest shooter, during that tragic October night.

According to Business Insider, Gasper alleges that the hotel was “negligent or grossly negligent” in failing to notice or take precautions against the shooter stockpiling guns, and that employees were not adequately trained to notice and report suspicious activity.

She also names Live Nation Entertainment Inc., bump stock maker Slide Fire Solutions LP, and the estate of Stephen Paddock were also named in the complaint.

Gasper is seeking up to $15,000 in damages and her case is the first one against Mandalay Bay and it’s parent company MGM.

Photo via GoFundMe/Cover photo via Brett Le Blanc