29 Unfortunate Signs You’re In Your Late 20’s

Life changes fast.

At ages 21-25, you’re like a gazelle. After 25, the gazelle starts turning into a lumbering wounded wildebeest. If you’re past that hump, and into your late 20’s, you know these 29 things to be true…

1. No matter how much water you drink, you’re never properly hydrated.

2. You get smellier easier.

3. You love buying candles.

4. You’re always washing dishes. You load the dishwasher, everything is clean, turn around, and the sink is full of dirty dishes. Where did they come from?

5. You buy flushable butt wipes.

6. You get a hangover after drinking 5 beers.

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7. Kombucha.

8. You would rather sleep, than be in a loud club.

9. You like to just stare at people in public and judge.

10. You buy Groupons for massages.

11. You make your own kale chips.

12. Or kombucha.

13. You often find yourself reminiscing about being a 90s kid.

14. You take a koozie with you to bars.

15 You do yoga because you can barely bend over.

16. Your back hurts. Why does my back hurt?

17. Why am I always tired?

18. 75% of your paycheck goes to Amazon.

19. You love trying fancy cheese.

20. You drink hard liquor straight or on the rocks because you need to feel it faster.

21. You’ve noticed a grey hair or 4.

22. It takes you four days to recover from a hangover. You’re not mentally yourself again until Wednesday.

23. You buy a lot of sweatpants.

24. Everyone annoys you.

25. You put dried pasta in a clear jar on your counter top.

26. You have a bamboo plant.

27. There’s a book on your nightstand.

28. You have a bowl of lemons in your kitchen.

29. This part of your toilet is clean.

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