New Details Emerge: Security Guard Jesus Campos Shot BEFORE The Las Vegas Crowd Was


Jesus Campos is the Mandalay Bay security guard that was wounded when he interrupted the shooter and called for police. He has been labeled a hero.

Except that might not be the case.

According to Yahoo News, police said that “Campos was shot and wounded at 9:59 p.m. as he investigated an apparently unrelated alarm for an open door on the floor — six minutes before Paddock began firing out his window at 10:05. Police now say they have no idea why Paddock, who had a large quantity of ammunition and other loaded weapons in his room, stopped his rampage 10 minutes later.”

Las Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo offered little explanation for the discrepancy in the accounts, although he implied that Campos, who was wounded and “extremely shaken up by what happened to him,” may have misremembered the details.

So even though the first shots fired were at 9:59 on a security guard, Paddock didn’t begin firing at the crowd until 10:05 and police didn’t arrive to his room until 11:20, more than an hour later. They claimed since the shooting stopped, they didn’t need to go into his room.