42 Things City Folks Don’t Understand About Country Life

Country life is a different animal.

As someone who grew up in a town of 2,000 people and now has lived in one of the biggest cities in the country (Chicago) for the last 10 years, I can confidently say I’ve seen the best, and worst, of both worlds. And, that’s exactly what they are. Two different worlds.

There are some things you just won’t get until you’ve lived it. Here, 42 people shared 42 things that city folks just don’t understand about country life.

1. “How far away first responders are in case something happens; if there’s a problem, a lot of times you have to rely on yourself, your immediate family or your neighbors, whether it’s a crime, a fire or a medical emergency.”

2. “The opportunity void in many small towns especially the Midwest. If you want a career outside of something like agriculture, law enforcement or teacher you have to move away. I wish this message was relayed more in schools though most kids figure it out pretty quickly.”

3. “When your country friend tells you not to touch the giant hogweed because it causes burns, don’t touch the giant hogweed. So many of my friends didn’t listen to me that day and had nasty burns and rashes all along their bodies because they decided to take a short cut through a caustic plant.”

4. “The distance between necessary places. When I was in high school, my friends and I would have to pile into someone’s van/truck and drive fifty minutes to go to the movie theaters. The mall was an hour away, the grocery store was thirty minutes away, the gas station was fifteen minutes away.”

5. “Driving for 45 minutes and being 45 miles down the road.”

6. “Online dating isn’t as great.”

7. “How many stars you can see at night… and fire flies. “

8. “If you’re coming to the country to get away from the gun shots, you’re going to have a bad time.”

9. “When a farmer/rancher says it isn’t fixable. There’s a 99% chance he’s right and has tried every solution he can think of.”

10. “Rural poor. Inner city poverty gets all the attention, but imo rural poverty is just devastating. When you’re rural poor, theres nowhere to go and nothing to do and no one is coming to look for you to make sure you’re ok. There’s no community, no social workers, no buses to school (I had to hitchhike/walk to a place where a bus would pick me up)”

11. “The momentum of staying in your town regardless of opportunity.”

12. “My Boston friends can’t believe we went back to school every year in August instead of September. Kids where I live have to be around to help on the farm so the school years are structured around the farming schedule.”

13. “The first day of hunting season is a school holiday.”

14. “How difficult it is to play Pokémon Go here.”

15. “You don’t just wave and say hi, you shoot the shit for 10 or 15 minutes, even if you saw each other yesterday.”

16. “The nearest shop might be a few miles drive, and probably only opens from 7am to 3pm, so make sure you’ve got everything you need before you start drinking.”

17. “Nature doesn’t come with paved paths. Sometimes, a walk in the woods means walking in the woods.”

18. “City guy here. We don’t get that you can actually die from your own stupidity in ways you can’t understand. I mean, who the fuck in the city would think “Hmm, what do I do if a key component of my car fails and I can’t get home or call a tow truck?”

19. “Fire ants are not to be fucked with.”

20. “Do not underestimate “country strong.” I had cousins that were smaller and skinnier that could whoop my ass.”

21. “The importance of truck size in relation to social status and the difficulty of finding a woman over the age of 18 that doesn’t already have several kids.”

22. “That it’s actually perfectly acceptable to say hello and give a friendly nod to each person you come across during a walk or outing.”

23. “No you fucking dope, hens do NOT need a rooster around in order to lay eggs.”

24. “The gas station parking lot is poppin on Friday nights.”

25. “Cow tipping isn’t real.”

26. “Being late to school because you got stuck in traffic behind a tractor on the only road between your house and school.”

27. “The discussion surrounding firearms is totally different depending on if you’re rural or not. I’ve had a gun since I was 9 years old. I currently live in a city and have to remember how ‘against’ guns that some people are and how it’s a big, controversial thing for them.”

28. “The necessity of having multiple firearms for different situations. Crash. Boom. Bang. at 3am might be a bad person, or a very hungry dog, coyote, bear, etc. Either way, you will be the person to deal with it since police may be few and far between.”

29. “Wearing boots at all times.”

30. “Driving massive trucks. If you live out in the country you need at least one on hand. If something breaks, you have to haul it in to town yourself usually.”

31. “Realizing that you can love and respect animals, but at the end of the day, your dog is just a dog. The horses are just horses. Stuff dies. Your cats get mauled buy coyotes. Your dog gets disemboweled by wild pigs. Horses break legs and shooting it and buying a new one is just the most ethical thing to do. City people (my wife especially…) get bent out of shape over animals dying.”

32. “How…white everyone is.”

33. “Back at 2:30″ sign is more of a ballpark than the actual time someone will be back at the shop.”

34. “No, there really is no antibacterial soap, and yes, you might be a little dirty when you sit down to dinner. It won’t kill you.”

35. “There are no streetlights. Don’t go out after dark unless you have a decent car or a fantastically good flashlight.”

36. “The bats aren’t gonna kill you, but they might mistake your hair for a pile of mosquitoes. They dive bomb you because they think you have food.”

37. “Don’t be rude on a dirt road. Odds are whoever you were rude to is headed to the same location, and will probably be waiting on you when you arrive.”

38. “If someone tells you not to do something and then doesn’t explain why, don’t do it. Yeah, it might be a prank on the city slicker, but ask yourself ‘Can I afford to be wrong if it isn’t?”

39. “If there is one deer, there are many.”

40. “It’s not cute to be in a community where “everyone knows everyone”. Gossip spreads when everyone’s bored and has nothing better to do than talk shit about Susan’s marriage or Carol’s deadbeat son.”

41. “In the city you ignore emergency sirens and notice gun shots. In the country you ignore gun shots and notice emergency sirens.”

42. “My internet sucks all the time.”


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