7 Ways To Make A Little Extra Beer Money This Week

Need a few more bucks in your budget? Do you swipe your card at the local liquor store and cringe a little when you pick up your favorite 30 pack? Been there, done that.

Turns out, there are plenty of easy ways to get a few more dollars that let you get a little weirder on the weekends. Try a few of these ideas out this week and celebrate with some hard earned, ice cold brews.

1. Donate Plasma

Find a center near you and make as much as $250 a month donating your plasma to patients who need it.

2. Trade in your old clothes

Go through your closet and take out clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t fit, you never wear or you just don’t want anymore and take them to your nearest Plato’s closet or local consignment store.

3. Take online surveys

Take surveys from the comfort of your own home and earn a few bucks while you’re at it. See a list of sites here and see how much you can make in your first week.

4. Refurbish garage sale furniture

You know that cheap furniture you can find for sale on craigslist, the Facebook market place, local garage sales or even in your own garage? A fresh coat of paint and maybe even a little TLC can do wonders and give you a pretty nice profit back.

5. Cash in your spare change

We’ve all got a jar or bag of change lying around that we never do much with. Maybe its the cupholders in your car or that can on your desk. Whatever it is, it’s money just waiting to be cashed in.

6. Offer to mow neighbors lawns for a set fee

Offering seasonal help on everyday tasks is huge. Not everyone has the time or leftover energy to spend mowing lawn or shoveling snow. This could be a great idea if you know any elderly people in the area too who would love a helping hand.

7. Sell your ex’s sh*t

You don’t need it. They’re not getting it back. Might as well use it to buy yourself some alcohol.