12 Truths Of The Broke Girl Who’s Addicted To Concerts

From one broke concert junkie to another, I know how you feel. Sometimes it hurts the bank, but it’s always been worth it.

Here are 12 things you’ll only get if you’re broke but still going to every concert possible. 

1. You can’t imagine sitting at home on a night when there’s a country concert in town.

2. And the FOMO you’d feel seeing Snapchats of your friend’s tailgating seems practically unbearable.

3. You’ll search old purses, pockets, and the couch for the extra change you might still need.

4. Some of your friends think you’re crazy because of how obsessive you are about going to literally every concert.

5. But you actually feel sorry for them because they obviously just don’t the simple joy that comes with live music.

6. You like to picture it all as an investment to your mental wellbeing.

7. You tell yourself that you’ll start to save up in the winter when it’s “off-season.”

8. Yet, winter comes around and the local bars release a kickass lineup of country singers coming to town and you have to go.

9. The best gift anyone could get you is a concert ticket or gift card to Ticket Master.

10. You don’t understand why people spend their extra money shopping when they could put it towards a concert.

11. You thank God every single day for concert season.

12. You wouldn’t change a damn thing about your paycheck being spent toward country music.