The 20 Worst Beers In America

Let me preface this by saying one very important thing.

I did NOT make this list. If you know me, you know I love a good cheap American beer – I even ranked them before.

However, had other ideas, and decided to rank the “worst” (psh) beers in America. They used RateBeer to help construct this all-too-important list.

I don’t know, call me crazy, but I like a beer I can have 33 of during a nice summer day, ya know? The fact Busch Light is even on this list makes me fuckin’ sick. Anyways, here is the ranking for 20 worst beers in America along with their explanation why…

1. Natural Light: Relied on only for its buzz-inducing affordability.

2. Natural Ice: As stated on Urban Dictionary: “What a skunk would taste like if it were liquid.”

3. Sleeman Clear: Described as “clean and refreshing” but we think it’s more along the lines of “bland and boring”.

4. Milwaukee’s Best Premium: Historically known as “The Beast,” there’s nothing best or premium about this beer.

5. Michelob Ultra: No matter how many actors they get to endorse it, this beer just isn’t gonna happen.

6. Camo Genuine Ale: People only drink this for the 8.6% ABV.

7. Budweiser Select 55: Conceived to be “the lightest beer in the world,” and compared by reviewers to bunny pee.

8. Milwaukee’s Best Light: Maybe Milwaukee’s Worst.

9. Miller Genuine Draft Light 64: Accompanied by a #64ing social media campaign… just no.

10. Bud Light Chelada: Premixed Bud Light and Clamato? No, no, and no.

11. Keystone Light: Always smooth and always tasteless.

12. Keystone Premium: The more elusive, yet just as tasteless, Keystone.

13. Bud Light: The crappy beer that no one will judge you for drinking.

14. Busch Ice: The only thing refreshing about this beer is the snowy mountain peaks on the can.

15. Busch Light: Light, sweet, bland carbonated water.

16. Beer 30 Light: For $12 a rack, you get what you pay for.

17. Old English 800: You only purchase this beer if you’re planning on playing Edward Fortyhands.

18.Labatt Sterling: If you enjoy beer, you won’t enjoy Labatt Sterling.

19. Budweiser Chelada: Really just an awful, 24-ounce Bloody Mary that gets warm before you can finish it.

20. Icehouse Light: Consume Icehouse to appreciate how cheap it can be to get drunk.

h/t PGP