16 Double Standards Guys Hate The Most When In A Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy, but when you find the right person, it just makes sense.

One things couples struggle with the most is the double standard. They can be major, they can be subtle, but they almost always cause an argument when one side voices displeasure. For the record, most level-headed normal/smart guys, understand there is always going to be some sorta of a double standard in a relationship -that’s just life, usually..

There’s a whole other bag of worms when it comes to double standards between men and women not in a relationship, and women often get the worst of it. However, this piece came about when guys talked about the fights they got into with their girlfriends/wives. We asked 16 guys which double standard drives them the most crazy, and these were their responses…

1. “She says I’m lazy for playing video games, but says she is just relaxing when she spends hours watching TV.” – Chad

2. “Women can wear anything for ‘business casual.’ I have to wear nice pants and a button up or polo. Fuck that.” – Todd

3. “As the stay-at-home dad, I’m looked at as a lazy loser. But if my wife is doing the same, she’s the real hard working person in the relationship.” – Jimmy

4. “If she’s not in the mood for sex, that’s the end of the story, and I better not press it. If I am not in the mood, she thinks I no longer find her attractive or that I am cheating.” – Rick

5. “She can hang out with a bunch of male friends and it’s supposed to be totally cool, and normal. If I hung out with groups of girls it would be Word War III.” – Jeff

6. “She can have moments of insecurity, and I make her feel better. If I’m honest with her about my insecurities she looks at me as a lesser man.” – Johnathan

7. “When she gets jealous it’s ‘cute’ and ‘not that serious.’ If I get jealous I’m a controlling nutcase.” – Will

8. “Flirting. She can do it because it helps her get free stuff, drinks, whatever. If I do it, watch out…” – John

9. “She makes fun of me sometimes for putting on a little weight. I would never dare do that to her because I know how she would take it. I don’t like it either, though…” – Billy

10. “I think it’s fair if she pays for dinner from time to time considering we’ve been in a relationship for a long time. She thinks the man always should pay.” – Jeffrey

11. “If a man cheats, he’s a monster. If a woman cheats, she was neglected.” – Bart

12. “She’s just being friendly with strangers, but I’m being way too flirty.” – Ben

13. “She can be really mean and use the ‘joking’ excuse. But if I give it back, I’m an asshole.” – Ricky

14. “I can’t read her mind, so I am out of touch by not responding to her needs without her telling me. She expects me to tell her exactly what I need.” – Stephen

15. “Valentine’s Day is about love between two people in a relationship, but all the advertisements focus on the men spending all the money – fuck that.” – Aaron

16. “A guy’s trip without the girls is a guaranteed fight and me spending hours calming her down. If her and her girls want to go on a trip, who cares, what’s the big deal?” – Dennis

So, what’s the takeaway here for the guys? Figure out which of these really screw with your happiness, and which are simply normal, and something you can laugh off. Sift through the bullshit to find the important stuff.

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