5 Reasons to Date the Girl Who Can Rock Cowboy Boots AND Heels

We all know there are plenty of reasons to love a girl in boots, but what’s better than a girl who can rock boots AND heels??

She’s the perfect balance of country and city

As Jerrod Niemann put it, “she’s a city girl, with a little country charm” and vice versa. Not every city girl can rock cowboy boots and not every country girl can rock heels. Find yourself a girl who can do both and you have yourself one special lady.

One word: LEGS

There are plenty of country songs talking about girls with long tan legs rockin cowboy boots but It’s really amazing what a few inches of heel can do for a girls’ legs. A girl who knows how to use both to her advantage is a winner.

She can handle whatever you throw at her.

You don’t typically see cowboy boots and heels in the same room. A girl with both shows that she is ready for a variety of situations and can handle whatever you throw at her whether it be a candle lit dinner or an afternoon mudding.

She’s confident.

It takes SKILL to be able to walk in a room wearing 3 inch heels and confidence to know you’re not going to fall on your face (girls know what I’m talking about). On the other hand you really need to know who you are and what your style is to be comfortable pulling off cowboy boots. Any girl who can do both really knows who she is and what she likes!

She’s versatile.

Who doesn’t want a girl who is happy to get down and dirty in the mud or head down by the river but can turn around and rock a little black dress? She knows how to do both and has the shoes to prove it.