Get The Texas Roadhouse Rolls And Butter Fresh From Your Very Own Kitchen


What’s the best part of Texas Roadhouse? You might say the peanuts on the floor, the dancing waiters, the birthday saddle, the delicious steaks, or maybe 99% of Roadhouse fans would say the rolls. And of course, the cinnamon butter.

The perfectly round, warm, buttery goodness is the reason I’m always full before my meal even gets to me. Am I complaining? No. Because praise the lord for whoever invented to-go boxes. If only I could take those fresh out of the oven rolls to go too.

Well, now I can (sort of). Thanks to the magical world of Pinterest, I found the copycat recipes I was looking for. While they may not be served to you by a line dancing waitress, I’ll take them coming out of my own oven any day. First up: the bread.

The rolls: 


Get the recipe here and prepare to drool for the entire 12-15 minutes they’re baking in the oven. And we all know you can’t have the rolls without a heaping knife full of that delicious butter.

The Cinnamon Butter:


My mouth is watering just thinking about this recipe.