6 Crafty Ways To Use A Bandana And Look Super Cool Doing It

Got an old bandana laying around and not sure what to do with it? There are many ways to use a bandana in your latest project, let’s get crafty.

Bandana Pillows

How cute are these? They are a lot easier than they look, try it out here.


Wear one as a top!

Don’t count on a bandana to give you a lot of coverage, but it sure is cute.


Make your newest concert accessory.

A drawstring bag that only you will have, now that’s something you need. Try it here.


Sew one onto something you already love.

A flannel is already a fashion staple, so countrify it with a classic bandana.


Spice up your worn out jeans.

Use fabric glue or a sewing kit to attach a bandana behind your holey jeans.


I’m sure you’ve seen this before.

Okay, this definitely isn’t a craft, but it is the cutest damn hair accessory there is. Try it out.